Entering the user and using the services provided on website of Card Tak Store and registering any order means full acceptance of all terms and conditions of this store by the user.

How to cancel digital orders

After registering the request to return the order, the product will first be placed on the site for resale. Then, after the sale and confirmation of the health of the code by the new buyer, the order amount will be transferred to your wallet on the site.
Card Tak store will only transfer amount of canceled orders to that person's wallet on the site. Therefore, it is not possible to return the money to the person's account

Store and buyer obligations

seller is obliged to provides accurate and complete information about the goods for the buyer
seller is obliged to send the healthy and perfect goods for purchaser in accordance with the introduced.
buyer is obliged to register his accurate and complete information at the registering time.
seller can cancel the order by his recognition at any time and refuse to send the order. Obviously, if it was necessary, further arrangements should be made by the seller and the buyer
buyer is obliged to obtain the necessary information about the product through the seller's site before registering the order for any product and then send his order.
Activating digital products and providing free services is not part of the store's duties.
All goods have a 72-hour warranty after delivery.


Contact us

CardTak contact usStore provides all its services through its website and our ways of communicating with you are as follows.

Email: info@cardtak.com

Telegram: @cardtak